Jordan "Biggie" Steffens King of the Circus
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What is a strongman?

A man of great physical strength, especially one who performs feats of strength as a form of entertainment.

King of the CircusThe King of Circus!

Biggie has been a professional strongman for over 12 years and holds many strength records and has been involved with strength since he was a teenager.

To list a few of his feats of strength he has:

  • pulled 155t stream train a Qantas Boeing 737
  • lifted a giant stone over 200kg and
  • press 220kg over his head
  • in the 2015 Adelaide Fitness Expo, Biggie Carried 610kg! The most weight by a human on Australian soil a record that still stands today.

In his professional career he has competed at the highest level at two Giants Live (world strongest man qualifying events) represented Australia in Olympic Weightlifting and also was the first Australian to Win a gold medal in Russia.

Biggie is here to bring back strongman as ENTERTAINMENT just like legends of yesterdays, circus strongmen like Louis Cyr, Paul Anderson, Angus MacAskill and many more.

Strongmen are here to perform, entertain and to inspire that ANYTHING is possible.


Biggie is available for bookings.

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